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Arthur Grigoriev2021-05-20

I thank everyone involved in my bouquet in Moscow - couriers, florists, girls in the call center, management. You create real beauty and clothe human happiness in the material shell of flowers. Thank you very much.


Accept thanks for the great work! The bouquet is beyond praise, I am very pleased with the service. The courier was on time, the florists did their best too. Thank you.

Amina Mikhailova2021-05-21

Thanks for the service in Moscow. The assortment is immediately visible, it’s impossible to get lost on the site, if only you get lost in the number of beautiful bouquets;)


All my orders are fulfilled on time, the recipients are always insanely happy, which means I am happy too! I have been using your services for a long time, I have never had a situation where I could reproach you for something.


We got a lot of impressions from your bouquets in Moscow, every time she was full of delight! Worthy of respect from customers, definitely! Wait for us more.


Eyes run wide, so many amazing bouquets. I'll have to use your services several times, I love this;) I just went to your site for the first time, and already in complete admiration!


Heard about your service but didn't dare to try. I will catch up now;) I liked everything, my grandmother in Moscow was delighted with the flower surprise.


You work well, in a nutshell;) You always seem to guess what I like and slip it on the site on the first page. I love to please my people with or without reason, and I always turn to you for help.


Thank you courier, congratulated very warmly! I really wanted to please my grandmother in Moscow for her birthday. The bouquet was delivered in the morning, the recipients were asked if they would be at home, but the surprise was kept secret.


There are times when time works for us or against us. So,, your timely delivered bouquet may have saved my marriage. Thanks for the speed and quality!