Privacy Policy

The Seller shall not collect the personal data or any other personal information, unless the Buyer agrees to provide such information through the Website.

By sending its personal data to the Website or transferring its personal data to the Seller in other way, the Buyer agrees to the Seller’s use of the personal data provided by the Buyer, including the collection, storage, use, destruction of data for the order, payment, delivery, return of the Goods, response to questions, applications, letters, addressed through the Website, providing the information about the goods and services, discounts and promotions, or for other purpose for which the personal data were sent to the Buyer. By making a purchase on the Website or simply by registering, the Buyer agrees to receive the electronic messages, SMS messages, calls notifying the Buyer about the status of the order, as well as advertising information, to the email addresses and phone numbers specified by the Buyer when registering or placing an order.

If the Buyer does not agree with the use of the personal data provided by it, it shall have the right to send a message to the Seller, which will contain the Buyer’s refusal to use its personal data.

When using the Website, a number of technical data is automatically collected, including the IP address, cookies, browsing history, etc. The Cookies are the small amount of data sent by the Website, which the Buyer’s computer browser saves on the hard disk of its computer, such as data about what pages the Buyer visited, addresses of third-party Internet websites, from which the transition to the Seller’s Website was made. The Buyer may configure its browser so that it does not save the cookies.

The Seller shall not be responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when ordering, including the personal data provided by the Buyer. It shall not be deemed a violation that the Seller provides the information received from the Buyer to the agents and third parties acting under the contract with the Seller to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer, including but not limited to informing about the promotions and special offers. The Seller requires these agents and third parties to follow the Seller’s instructions and comply with this Privacy Policy when processing such information and to take other appropriate protective measures.

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