Consent of the Website visitor to the processing of personal data

I hereby freely, willingly and in my own interest, give my consent to LLC, located at: 50 Petersburg St, Room 1N, Office 201,202 Kazan 420000, Republic of Tatarstan (the “Shop”), for automated and non-automated processing of my personal data, including but not limited to the use of Internet services Google analytics, Yandex.Metrika, in accordance with the following list:

- surname, name and terms of the order in case of ordering (including the cell phone of the customer and the recipient, e-mail, delivery address and other details of the order obtained through the forms on the Shop’s Website);

- data from forms completed on the Shop’s Website, including, but not limited to, authorization forms, registration forms, ordering forms, feedback forms, call request forms, chat forms, and personal account data editing forms;

- source of entry to the Website or mobile applications (the “Shop Website”) and search or advertising query information;

- user device data (including resolution, version, and other attributes that characterize the user device);

- user clicks, page views, field fills, banner and video displays and views;

- data characterizing the audience segments;

- session settings;

- visit time data;

- user ID stored in cookies and any other data needed to improve the operation of the Shop in order to provide the Shop services to visitors and to make the visitors to the Shop Website more aware of the Shop products and services, to provide the relevant advertising information and to optimize the advertising and improve the operation of the Shop.

I also give my consent to the provision by the Shop of my personal data as a visitor to the Shop's Website to third parties with whom the Shop cooperates. The Shop shall have the right to process my personal data by any means, including: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, modification, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access).

This consent shall come into effect from the moment of my transition to the Shop’s Website and shall be valid for the period specified by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.