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Flower delivery to Sterlitamak

8 520
Only Feelings
from 5 310
Yellow roses
from 4 490
My Jewel
from 6 440
Perfect Pair
from 3 960
Roses Mix
from 5 310
Maple syrup
from 3 440
New with kahala
from 5 220
Ecuadorian Roses Mix
from 5 190
51 and 101 Red Rose
from 16 990
Floral Study
3 410
Ecuadorian Red Roses
from 7 470
Reason to Smile
from 3 930
Modern classic
from 5 210
My Paris
from 9 690
the most tender
from 4 790
Ecuadorian White Roses
from 7 470
All About Love
from 4 470
Tonality of Feelings
from 4 790
Pink Roses Bouquet
from 4 760
Gerbera Mix
from 4 310
Red Roses Bouquet
from 4 320
Colorful Roses Bouquet
from 5 210

18 Reviews


I ordered a bouquet for my mother's birthday. I chose elite white roses, 51 pieces. Worried about making it perfect. The bouquet is expensive, and the joy of mom is even more expensive. was not let down, my mother shed tears of happiness. It is true what they say that emotions are the main thing in flowers.


Thank you for your help in arranging a holiday for my younger sister in Sterlitamak! The courier handed her a beautiful bouquet, the sister hesitated, but accepted the flowers, squeaked thanks and ran away, what to take from the second grade;)


Your work captivated me at first sight. When it comes to a gift to a family, and not to a specific person, the box with the composition fits perfectly.

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